Membership Details

Membership Includes:

  • The use of all facilities and all group classes.


  • Complimentary 30-minute consultation with a personal trainer.


  • Complimentary amenities,  including fitness towels, bath towels, soap, shampoo, etc.


  • Café access.

Important Notes:

  • Family Memberships consist of a member and his/her spouse, any children ages 14-19 and any child 19-23 years old who is currently enrolled in college. 

  • All Monthly installment membership are set up as a draft and are subject to a $50 annual administration fee. Member is obligated for 12 payments, then the contract will automatically renew and continue to draft unless the member submits a written cancellation request after the 12 month period.

Membership Prices:

Annual Memberships

Annual Single Membership (paid in full) -                                      

Annual Single Membership (12 installments) -                  $45.00/mo

Family of 2 Annual Membership (paid in full) -                         $785.00

Family of 2 Annual Membership (12 installments) -                   $75.76/mo

Family of 3 Annual Membership (paid in full) -                         $885.00

Family of 3 Annual Membership (12 installments) -                   $84.93/mo

Family of 4+ Annual Membership (paid in full) -                         $985.00

Family of 4+ Annual Membership (12 installments) -                   $94.09/mo

Open-Ended Membership

$55/mo with $100 enrollment fee 
This membership is set up as a draft or credit card charge; $100 includes administration fee. Contract is cancelable at member request.


Corporate memberships available with a minimum of five employees.


10% Military Discount (applies to active duty personnel and single memberships)

Student Memberships          $60/mo

Guest Polices:

Guest passes available!

3-day guest pass is available and includes one complimentary visit for those interested in gym membership.


Guest Fee: $10.00 per day

Payment Methods

  • Cash


  • Check


  • Credit Card (VISA/Mastercard)


  • Monthly debit or credit card draft

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