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Synergy Fitness Classes 

Home of "Hammertime" - Where Every Body Must Train! 

All Hammertime classes are taught by Certified Personal Trainers.

Hammertime Advanced

A class for those who want to be pushed to the limit! Cardio, weight-training, abs, kickboxing, plyometric moves, and more high-intensity movements are included in this heart-pumping, muscle-blasting, energy-filled atmosphere. Great for releasing energy and pressure and for those who want to max out their workouts!


A class designed for beginners who want a good workout with minimal soreness. Comfortably paced and basic movements to accommodate all ages and body types.

Hammertime Pump

45 minutes of light weight training combined with stretching, low-impact cardiovascular work, and core strengthening.

Specialty Classes

Camp Hammertime for Kids & Athletes

Classes vary from ages 5-18 years old. These classes incorporate endurance, speed, and agility to help athletes perform better in their sports. This class also combines fun moves for strength, flexibility, and coordination all while learning discipline and self-control. Come join us for fitness and fun!

Senior Time

This 30 minute class is designed specifically for participants 60 and older. It involves stretching, cardiovascular activity, muscle strengthening, and toning. You are sure to enjoy this 30 minutes of fun and fitness along with music and fellowship with the community. Ask about our SeniorTime Membership.


A 45-minute indoor group cycling class designed to make your fitness goals a reality. With no complicated moves to learn, top-notch instructors, and music that begs your legs to pedal, getting into the best shape of your life has never been so fun!

Athlete Training with Steven Cunningham

Training session Ages 14+
$35 a session
$350 per month (3 days a week)
$250 per month (2 days a week)
$150 per month (1 day a week)

1 on 1 session
$500 a month (5 days a week max)
$400 per month (3 days a week)
$300 per month (2 days a week)
$200 per month (1 day a week)
$50 per session

13 and under
$30 per session
$300 per month (3 days a week)
$225 per month (2 days a week)
$125 per month  (1 day a week)

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